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Men's Office Shirt - Matador2

ZNC 52.5674 ₦5,400 Nationwide

Men's Office Shirt - Matador

ZNC 43.7650 ₦4,200 Nationwide

What Is Zcnox?

Zcnox is a blockchain-powered open marketplace designed specifically for the African continent. Essentially, this project aims to integrate the powerful features of distributed ledger technologies such as smart contracts, digital currencies and immutability into the online business landscape. Ultimately, Zcnox intends to simplify the process of setting up e-commerce stores, while increasing the profit margins of the established enterprises.

What Is ZNC Token?

ZNC token is the digital currency intergrated on zcnox platform to enable easy transaction between buyers and sellers across Africa

What Can I Do with ZNC Token?

  1. Pay for goods on Zcnox Marketplace
  2. Pay for ecommerce store subscription and delivery service.
  3. Exchange to fiat currency (Dollar, Naira, cedis..etc)
  4. Exchange to Bitcoin or Ethereum
  5. Trade ZNC Token for profit
  6. Sell Tokens to buyers and sellers on Zcnox Marketplace
  7. Integrate ZcnoxPay on any platform and accept ZNC Token on the platform